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          Senses Elements

          Expand your digital senses with Senses Elements.


          Senses Elements are modular feature expansions of the mill management system Senses.


          • More advanced or specialised features for specific target customer groups (e.g. data transfer)
          • Additional features for management of supporting processes (Maintenance, Workforce,…)
          • Expansions of the base system, but also additional benefit by interconnection to production and quality data
          • Can bought from the customers directly in the Senses software shop ?
          • Customizable to customer demands
          • Ongoing further development


          Find out more about our products. Here we provide you with all the relevant documents for download in PDF format.

          Digital Team

          Should you have questions about Senses, Senses Elements, the Calculator App or require additional guidance, kindly get in touch with our Digital team. As your partner, we pride ourselves in providing expert and swift support. You can reach us at info.senses@www.saikoufu.cn.

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