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          Bearings for pre-, long staple-, airjet spinning

          Guidance versions
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          Bottom roller bearings

          The precise needle bearings for ring spinning machines, roving frames, draw frames and air-jet spinning machines are renowned for their high load-bearing capacity.

          Guidance versions for ring spinning machines and roving frames

          Texparts bottom roller components are available for three different guidance versions in the roller stand:

          • Central guidance through central holding lug of locating cap for matching recess in roller stand
          • Lateral guidance through inside fixing at roller stand by means of lateral lugs of locating cap
          • Die-cast caps with locating clip for lateral guidance


          • Absolutely quiet and precise running behaviour
            • Optimum yarn evenness due to flawless flutes
            • Extension of spinning limits into finer counts
          • High load bearing capacity
          • Smooth and jolt free start-up
            • No yarn quality drop during start-up phase
          • Dependable sealing of bearing against fibre fly and dirt
            • Longer bearing life time

          Contact us

          Should you have questions about our products or require additional guidance, kindly get in touch with your local contact person. As your partner, we pride ourselves in providing expert and swift support.



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